Decisions made with emotions are always wrong and that has been the cause of alot of problem in the world apart from India.

India remain the most emotionally attached people who often  make decision from the heart.

Though most of the things we see ain’t often the truth or reality but we often believe them to be..

take for example you were ask to choose between a pen and a paper, keeping in mind that this two objects can’t do without the other yet you are being ask to make a decision without using emotion. in such a case what will you then do?

Same as giving a chance to choose between mother and wife or husband and son.

Such decision are made using the emotions no matter how much one tries to not do so.

The real reason behind this is simple and to be honest with you difficult decision are the only things that drives us far from our love ones no matter how much we try to twist and present them to be.

For me i often make decisions with my heart(emotions) because i was born and not made also I believe I can not in anyway choose between my family members cause of the love I share and because I know that loyalty is family not just love.

Signed : faith



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