when you fall in love with someone Male/Female you never realise ho important that person is to you..

All you know is that you can’t stay away from him/her for too long you tend to get fustrated and angry.

But the funny aspect about falling in love with someone is sheer stupidity.

Ask me why i said so, You see wheather you too are madlying in love or its just a onesided love the truth still remains that at the end of each day you both sleeps separately in your houses i.e for those who aint married yet. and for those who are so loved up and married then end up divorcing eachother over a few tiff or disagreement then blame it on “we fallout of Love” I say a big sorry and Thank you at the same time. wanna know why because when you were both getting fustrated and venting you so-clled love anger on a friend, family member or even collegue in the office then you never thought of falling out of love all you wanted at that moment was for him/she to respond, call or even just to see each others face.

So tell me is this what you claim to be love? to me its sheer stupidity, as a person believe that love is a do or die affair by this I mean its for better for worse that is what Love should stand for not, not temporary or half-chop love no I am here to say that- that is a fake love its was never truely there.

so my dear friends which do you want it to be? A Do or Die Love(True Love) or Half-chop Love (Temporary Love)

yours always


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